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I’m Alaina McBride and if it has to do with marketing, continuous growth, or the future of education… I’m on it.

I’m here because I want to serve as a trustworthy source of marketing and branding knowledge where together we create a model that continues to learn the best way to deliver your desired results in the face of change.

I write about everything that’s important to me, that’s a mix of business, personal evolution, the future of learning, and balance.

Please introduce yourself! I’m looking forward to meeting you, and learning what you are passionate about.


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Man•i•fes•to :a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

AKA What’s Important to Me:

Everything I do is somehow intended to bring about one of these values.


MAKE KNOWLEDGE ACCESSIBLE TO ALL. A lot of the knowledge we need to succeed in today’s world is locked away, siloed. Its kept behind the doors of an expensive education system. Part of my mission is to provide access to relevant, timely, and affordable knowledge to learners for the purpose of career enhancement. This education must be tailored to a learner’s individual needs and life goals. The curriculum contents should have immediate labor-market value by giving students skills that are in high demand by companies or consumers.  I believe this type of accessibility could allow learners to pursue their dreams of fulfilling work or entrepreneurial endeavors without the limitations of student loan debt and time wasted learning irrelevant information. Given the role that education has historically played as an engine of social mobility and economic growth, the implications for this change in our world are profound.


FREEDOM. I want to experience true freedom in my life. Perhaps it is working when/where/how I work best. Or the feeling I get from knowing that entrepreneurial mindset enables me to take care of myself anywhere I am.


ENJOY EVERY MOMENT POSSIBLE. To me this is a result of living in the moment, enjoying the process and experiencing happiness now, rather than waiting for the destination.


EXPLORATION. I believe in exploring. Sir Kent Robinson said it best when he stated, “If we are serious about exploring the world around us, we have to explore the world within us.” I’m totally inspired by the wilderness of this Earth, by the vastness of human consciousness, and the peace I encounter when practicing meditation. Its this relentless curiosity I have about exploring that causes me to look at my inner world (beliefs, mindset, biology) and continuously ask how can I make this life experience better?


PERSONAL EVOLUTION: I’m committed to personal growth through continuous learning. I have no respect for the status quo, (unless its working well!). I’m always looking to discover different ways of thinking that result in me experiencing greater happiness, connectedness, and success with ease. I recently learned that the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, also promotes this principle, only he calls it permanent Beta. I think his term is more accessible to the super techy peeps.


PRACTICING BALANCE: Balance between taking care of one’s self and productivity. Because there is no separation between work and life, its all just life.

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