Have you ever built a new website, then wondered why it has no visitors?

Believe it or not, you are not alone.

This is a common problem. Websites are often built without a plan as to how they will attract visitors and where these potential customer will come from. As a result, I often encounter beautiful websites with no traffic that have little chance of ever being discovered.

I like to compare this type of website to an island. A website without a marketing plan is like a deserted island in the middle of the sea – nobody’s comin’ or goin’. These desolate websites sit there isolated in the middle of the Internet ocean with limited usefulness.

Let’s get straight down to business. Here’s a quick brainstorm of specific methods I would recommend to remedy your website’s loneliness.

Here’s how I’d start. My first step, as a marketer, would be to understand a few things to help you set up a website that delivers on your top business goals.

I would need to know the following:

1. What is the primary purpose of your site?

– Is it to sell: software? SaaS? products or services?

– Is it to build an email list that you will then monetize?

– Is it to foster a community and participation?

– Would you like to establish your company as an expert in your field?


2. Who are each of your prospective customer types? And what action would you like them to take when they land at your site? Or how would you define a successful site visit for each of your prospective customers?

-Do you want them to call your phone number?

-Would you rather they signed up for a demo?

-Opt in for an email marketing campaign?


3. Knowing all of the above, we can get into conversion. Conversion is a fancy word marketers use to talk about how many of your website’s visitors convert from prospects into buyers.  I want to make sure the visitors I direct to your website will know:

-First, they are in the right place to solve their problem and second, exactly what they must do next to get their desired outcome.

-The site must be optimized for conversion for each of the potential customer types I will be directing to the site.


4. Depending upon your specific answers to all of the above questions, I have an arsenal of methods that I commonly perform to get a new site off the Island and into a sea of traffic. Here are a few, off the top of my head: (Note – these suggestions are in no particular order because the priority methods are selected after an understanding of your business model and competitive analysis to find the wide open spaces to find your specific target customers on the web.)

-Joint venture partnerships with brands that have a similar target market (win/win situations designed to put your company in front of massive existing email lists or audience communities)

-Participation on social bookmarking sites (being very selective for sites where your target audience already spends time)

-Building a community in social networking sites that starts with referrals from other solid community’s recommendations (again, choosing the sites to participate on and the sites to avoid should be a very important part of your marketing strategy and use of marketing efforts/dollars

-Blogging, guest post authoring, and link trading with established blogs with similar customers

-Performing keyword analysis then generate search engine optimized copy on the site pages and in all blog posts to acquire search traffic

-SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your site by ensuring all site headers and meta data include keywords to help direct traffic from search engines to your website

-Automated email drip marketing campaigns

-I generally do not recommend paid advertising, large scale ad buying, or PPC (Pay Per Click)  for startups but I have seen decent results with paid ads on social networking sites like Facebook ads

-You tube video subscription channels

-Optimize every employee’s LinkedIn profile as well as the company profile for brand exposure through your current networks

-Respond to HARO (Help A Reporter Out) requests in your field for easy press coverage

-Make an excellent press kit available for download at your site

-Write press releases with newsworthy angles and call directly to editors and writers to ask for coverage

-Use your press release to comment on current events or seasons

-And many more once I know your business model and target audience!

Everything we consider above will need to be an expression of your brand. The wizard you hire will certainly have to have a good handle on your company’s values and characteristics. Those are two ambiguous words for two important topics that will be the heart of your business. Values = what’s important to you. Characteristics = what describes you.

5. Testing and analytics

-This is the piece that closes the loop for your new site’s success. We don’t want to waste traffic bouncing. We will be testing your landing pages, conversion rates, cost per conversion, and more.

I look forward to learning more about your team and company. Please share your best traffic generating methods and the industry you are in here in the comments.


Have questions? Email me here.


AUTHOR - Alaina McBride

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